Town Council- 02/05/24

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2/5/2024 6:55:00 PM


Call to Order 00:00:00

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:09

Meeting Minutes 00:01:11

The Council will review and approve meeting minutes.

Approve Consent Agenda 00:04:29

The consent agenda is a list of documents signed by the Council as required. The Council approves the consent agenda at each Council meeting.

Municipal Services Department – Discussion on Girl Scout Troop #58720 Silver Award Project – No Littering Signs on the Rail Trail 00:05:00

Girl Scout Troop 58720 will request the Council’s consideration in approving placement of no littering signs along the rail trail as part of their Silver Award.

Public Hearing – Request to Unmerge Lots – 15 Henry Street 00:11:08

The Council received a request to unmerge lots at 15 Henry Street. The Council must hold a public hearing to consider this request. The authority to unmerge lots falls under the authority of RSA 674:39-aa.

Public Hearing – Police Department – Accept $30,000 Grant from NH Department of Justice, Violence Against Woman Act 00:16:10

The Council will hold a public hearing on the acceptance of a $30,000 grant from the NH Department of Justice. In accordance with RSA 31:95(b), all grants over $10,000 require a public hearing and Council approval prior to accepting such funds.

Municipal Services Department – Rail Crossing Agreement – Brunello Road - Tuscan Village Project 00:19:21

The Council will consider a crossing agreement with the State of NH, Department of Transportation. The crossing agreement will continue along the railroad corridor as requested by the State.

Fire Department – Authorize Town Manager to Sign Hazard Mitigation Grant Agreement 00:29:07

The Council will review a hazard mitigation grant request. A vote of the Council is required for the Town to submit the grant request to the State of NH, Department of Homeland Security.

Municipal Services Department – Transfer Station Update 00:31:49

The Council will consider a request from Municipal Services to move the compost pile to another location at the transfer station.

Town Manager – Present Draft of Administrative Code 00:37:45

Per the Town Charter, Article 4, Section 8A, the Town Manager will present a draft of the new administrative code to the Council.

Assign Warrant Articles for February 17th Deliberative Session 00:41:26

The Council will review the list of warrant articles and determine which Councilor will speak to the articles at the February 17th deliberative session.

Town Manager’s Report/Questions from Town Council 00:42:46

Upcoming Meetings 00:53:07

• February 17, 2024 (8:45 a.m. – The Council will call the meeting to order, recess, and then reconvene after the deliberative session.) • February 26, 2024 • March 4, 2024 • March 18, 2024

Adjourn 00:53:59

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